Websmart now an RAR Recommended Agency – great start to 2013!

Websmart now an RAR Recom...

Websmart now an RAR Recommended Agency  – great start to 2013!
30 January 2013

Websmart now an RAR Recommended Agency – great start to 2013!

There have been a multitude of milestones we can recall from the last few enjoyably hectic years as we’ve been busy developing Websmart.  These include winning our first client,of course. Then there was netting our first award.  And the heady excitement of grabbing our first office syndicate prize on the lottery (£10 – no, not each – between us).RAR Recommended Agency

But of all the many achievements that have marked our steady progress, one of the most significant is definitely recently having attained the much sought after status of becoming an RAR Recommended Agency.  Seriously – this is no small accomplishment and we are extremely proud to have reached such an important turning point.

The Recommended Agency Register, as the name suggests, helps to focus and simplify the agency selection process for clients who are seeking a new agency for either a one off project or an ongoing appointment by supplying them with a shortlist of recommended contenders.  It is a calculated, proven means to ensure clients avoid the time and money wasting tedium of taking a ‘stab in the dark’ in order to find their new agency. In short, using RAR enables them to make an enlightened and very well informed choice.

The key word here is, without doubt, ‘recommended,’ in that clients working through RAR can be absolutely sure that each agency on that diligently distilled, carefully compiled list meets their key criteria before they contemplate sitting across a desk or a presentation room with them.

But becoming a RAR recommended agency isn’t (and nor should it be) easy.  This prized possession cannot be bought, it has to be earned on the basis of an exacting process that thoroughly scrutinises the agency’s history of being consistently capable of fulfilling the promises it makes to its clients.

To be considered, we had to provide RAR with details of all our key clients, as well as our resources and staff.  This, plus a breakdown of our experience by sector and case histories which were required to describe our approach to the projects we’ve produced and their outcome.

But selection did not rest solely on our word or self-appraisal, because RAR also then contacted each of our clients and asked them to feedback scores out of 100 for every aspect of the Websmart service they have used.  They were asked to tell RAR not just were they broadly satisfied or not with our work, but also, how pleased they felt with our ability to deliver their required levels of Client Service, Creativity, Innovation, Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking, Value for Money, Ability to Work on Time and Budget.

Only when at least three of our clients had returned ratings that RAR considered high enough to meet their standards would we be considered.  Clients were also offered the opportunity to assess and comment on the performance of our key agency personnel and any specific work we had done for them that they felt relevant to their decision.

RAR then combined all this data with their own extensive experience, derived from decades spent dealing with agencies of every sort and clients of all types and sizes, offline as well as online, working across the entire communications spectrum.  Over 14,000 clients have now used the RAR method of rating their agencies on recommendedagencies.com, including numerous major national and international brands.

And this result is – we’re an RAR recommended agency. An accolade that we are sure will be the beginning of another year of dynamic growth for Websmart, when we meet even more great new clients.   To sum up how we feel – well, we’re RARing to go!