Let Websmart give you more Christmas presence this year

Let Websmart give you mor...

Let Websmart give you more Christmas presence this year
29 September 2012

Let Websmart give you more Christmas presence this year

Christmas is not just coming, it’s hurtling towards us now.  Websmart will help ensure your website is ready to give you plenty of reasons to celebrate when all those seasonal business building opportunities start happening.  Is that a sleigh bells we hear, or tills merrily jingling?  Welcome to our winter wwwonderland …

Tap into the power of Fulfilment by Amazon

If there’s one thing Christmas customers want, it’s delivery in time for the big day.  One proven means to achieve this is to use Fulfilment by Amazon.  Tapping into this ecommerce giant’s transaction processing power is one sure fire way to inspire customer confidence and brings you many advantages:

•    FBA items qualify for free Super Saver Delivery and Amazon Prime shipping offers
•    Amazon can store, pick, pack & deliver orders for you, saving you time
•    FBA-fulfilled orders qualify for gift wrap services
•    Amazon tells customers know how late they can order FBA offers to guarantee Christmas delivery
•    Amazon handles customer service for FBA orders and processes returns

More storefronts across more marketplaces

In a world where marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Pixmania represent such a fast increasing proportion of online retail sales, we’d recommend you have a storefront for all the key players.  After all, Christmas customers shop around.

Progressive Placement Pays

We’ll help you attend to details like giving all your products the right Item Type or Category ID, also to guide customers to your products by mapping to the catalogue.

Give your buyers clear tracking information

With ebay’s eTRS 2.0 program offering discounts on fees plus an extra seller icon and a shorter time to ship to Top-rated Sellers who provide a tracking number, it’s worth making sure your tracking isn’t lacking.

An optimised title for optimal results

At Christmas, when there are just so many more potential customers out there, it’s worth noting that as the title is the first thing they see, it really should be optimised.

Shipping deadlines crucial for gift buyers

A disappointed customer is unlikely to be a repeat customers, so at Christmas especially, it’s vital to let them know your shipping deadlines to get their purchases to them in time.

Promotions mean purchases

Offering timely promotions such as gift wrapping & messaging and particularly free shipping are very effective – over 30% of survey respondents have said they’d spend more online if free delivery is part of the deal.

Metrics Matter

Keeping track of your metrics such as feedback and DSRs on Ebay helps you maintain the Top-Rated Seller status that encourages purchase.

Paid Search puts you at the top of the tree

Every month, billions of people search for products on Google and in the run up to Christmas, this is set to intensify.  Research shows more than 80% of potential customers find their chosen product through Paid Search, so we’ll hone your keywords until they shine like a Christmas decoration.  Here’s Websmart’s Paid Search checklist:

Budget and Bid shrewdly
– eliminate your spending gap
– Bid your ROI goals
– Bid on long tail keywords with higher conversion and lower costs
– Bid early and frequently to stay ahead of your competitors
– Bid for terms such as ‘great gifts’ and ‘Christmas presents’

Reassess your paused keywords to check for Christmas products or presents

Disable ad scheduling so you’ll be catering for late-night shoppers and working shoppers
Pre-load ad creative changes, also minimise ad copy edits

Stay abreast of any inventory changes
– Price and promotion changes
– Out of stock/back in stock status

‘tis the season to be Social

Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are enjoying explosive growth and can become even more powerful sales tools in the Christmas period.  We’ll help you develop your social presence so your customers are inspired to not just engage with you, but also Like or Pin your products, sharing their recommendation of your brand.  Here’s the sort of Social action we’ll take for you:

Get your ideal name reserved on Social sites
(i.e. www.facebook.com/yourbrandname)

Enable your website for Social

Add buttons so that purchases can easily be shared
– Offer seasonal deals, promotions and sales
– Engage with new followers via competitions
– Ask Twitter followers to retweet and share their posts

Help you protect your social reputation – customer negativity can damage your business

More people Christmas shopping on Mobile

The UK has the highest smartphone penetration in Europe and more and more people are using their devices – which of course, includes tablets and laptops – to do their Christmas shopping. We design responsive websites that automatically adapt to the size and shape of whichever platform your customers are using, so they’re always easy to use.

Decorate your Webstore for Christmas

Why not let us add some seasonal decorations to your webstore?   Static and animated Christmas graphics can really enhance your store’s appearance and add a yuletide atmosphere that encourages customers to browse and buy.  Talking of which, we also suggest …

Making  your last-delivery deadlines clearly visible to visitors

Trying themed gift ideas such as ‘children’s gifts’ and ‘gifts for geeks’

Promoting cross and up-selling with attractive stocking stuffers and other products that complement purchases

Not forgetting to include  product details like
–  FAQs
–  Dimensions
–  Video product reviews
–  Customer product reviews

It’s Christmas all over the world

At Christmas, the world really can be your marketplace.  We’ll help you position yourself to profit from cross-border purchases that could come from virtually anywhere, show you how to use the fact the eBay and Amazon now operate in so many countries, translate your PPC Ads into other languages.

Start getting ready for a Websmart Christmas now!