Websmart Design’s Seven Simple Secrets to boost your SEO results using Pinterest

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Websmart Design’s Seven Simple Secrets to boost your SEO results using Pinterest
29 June 2013

Websmart Design’s Seven Simple Secrets to boost your SEO results using Pinterest

Social networks have become part of everyday life over recent years but what the early social site creators may not have expected was the influence social media would have which businesses can use to their advantage.

The speed of social media development has been amazing and, today, Facebook and Twitter are the leaders in the field with trillions of users worldwide. It took around five years to achieve this level of dominance but there is a firecracker of a site which is quickly climbing high on the Alexa traffic ratings ladder. The name? Pinterest.

After just two years, 11 million users are on Pinterest pages every month, the sheer speed of growth is just outstanding. But what makes Pinterest so different and such a hot option when it comes to social media and generating traffic that will benefit your business?

Pinterest’s simplicity is the key – Users just add IMAGES on their ‘boards’ and share with their followers. The Pinterest functionality makes this really easy, so people are flocking to the site to see what’s going on and to put on their own Pins.  Don’t be deceived by the word ‘simplicity’ though – the clever trick with Pinterest is that there is a board for just about every interest. All you have to do is Pin and the interest will find you.

This is how Pinterest works – members place images as Pins – and Repin them – in a huge range of niche categories on the site or on people’s Boards.  People like YOU!

So how can you get in on the action?

1. Synchronise Pinterest with your own website and your social media accounts.

– first create your Pinterest account and include your own website link. You will need to verify your domain to get linked.  Then, connect the other social network sites you favour with your Pinterest Account. Easy peasy.

2. Add ‘Pin It’ to all your blogs and posts

– adding a ‘Pin It’ button on your blog and on every ‘Post’ you do.  Visitors and followers can then share directly from your website to Pinterest.  The Pin It button will also help you get more ‘Repins’ for your posts.  Your words of wisdom will quickly reach extra enquiring minds who are looking for what you have to say.

3. Create Board names that target your keywords.

– under your Profile on Pinterest, create a board and use a relevant keyword as part of its title or ‘Name’.  Your Board’s Name keyword element will quickly get you ranked higher on search engines and also increase your visibility, through your Pinterest account, even if your own website has no ranking on the top ten pages of search engines.

4. Create backlinks in description.

– Pins also have a bonus when you give yours a backlink. This is a very effective trick to get traffic from your Pinterest account onto your website and for even better results, use a backlink within the content to get direct backlink from Pinterest.

5. Use Hash (#) tag for keywords.

– until now, the main use for a hash tag was for Twitter use and tagging others on it but in Pinterest, hash tag also works when you want to be found in specific keyword searches.  You should use your keywords plus hash tag in your Pins.

6. Build your Followers.

– this is about building a reputation and expanding your band of interested or intrigued followers.  Your followers and visitors will Repin for you, and spread your net even further and this is how your reputation will grow. Becoming a Brand on Pinterest will give added benefits for your own website with other search engines.

7. Set up a General Board on Pinterest.

– once you have set up your General Board invite visitors and followers to Pin something on your general board. Besides making them feel part of a shared interest or niche community you will also enhance your visibility in search engines and with other Pinterest users. Add the Repin element and you can see how quickly search engines will find you and rate you more highly. The sky’s the limit if you use the proven Seven Secrets of SEO Success using Pinterest, brought to you by Websmart Design of Kings Lynn.

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