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Underestimating Google+...

Underestimating Google+…Is that wise?
26 September 2013

Underestimating Google+…Is that wise?

Two years ago, internet giant Google launched their latest attempt at taking the world of Social Media by storm with Google+, and understandably, the world was a little dubious about how long it would last. With Google Buzz and Orkut coming and going without anyone really noticing, and Google shutting its own programs like Latitude down, it wasn’t looking too promising for their latest social media strategy.

That was until they actually launched it, and tech heads all over the world started to migrate over to its plethora of services.   Google have pulled out all the stops, making sure that you are rewarded for using G+, with every Google program linked to its new social media baby.  And this means great things for businesses that want to make the most of SEO rankings and b2c through social media.Google+ Plus

One of the most powerful of these rewards is the Google+ Local system which is simply listing your business onto Google Maps and creating a page that is very similar to the Facebook Business page.  They do include a few more features that will help boost your connectivity to your local consumers, making it easier to find, link and most importantly, share your business services online.  This helps no end with higher page rankings as you are constantly posting fresh content both through your own updates and also through customer feedback that can be left direct on your page.

Something that cannot be ignored about Google+, especially when using it from a business standpoint is that absolutely everything that is posted onto Google+ is instantly indexed in Google, making social media one of the fastest ways to get your content into the Google index and ultimately viewed by the World! And with the introduction of the Google +1 button that actively affects search rankings when users are logged in, there has never been a better time to make sure that you are posting relevant and engaging content.  More +1’s means rising through to the much sort after Google Page one faster than you can update your status on Facebook or compose a Tweet.

Not only that, but you are also awarded authorship for all your posts as well.  This is a huge branding opportunity, which basically links your Google+ profile to the content that you produce, enabling Google to verify a connection between your brands site and your official Google+ page, producing a ‘verified site’ notation on your account.  Recommendations from friends, whether online or through word of mouth, is more powerful than any advertising you can buy as there is a level of trust there already.  Google Authorship has made this as easy as it can get to put your brand and the people behind it in front of perspective customers.  You can now represent yourself as well as your content within Google search engine result pages.  The direct link this creates between you and your posts enables Google to display your profile picture next to the titles and descriptions of your sites content, putting a more human feel (and face!) to searching the web.

And keeping on the personal touch, Google Hangouts allows video chat, messenger and Google Talk applications all in one place.  Businesses can use this through webinars, product demonstrations, online teaching and other marketing activities.  This is absolutely vital for engagement, putting a face and a voice to your brand and allowing you to see your fans and talk to them live.  And the possibilities are endless, using this platform as a customer service tool, hosting a weekly online show, or just bringing like-minded people together for a live chat on a new subject, Google Hangout will grow and grow over the next few years.

Tied very strongly to Hangouts are Google+ Communities.  These are centred on a common topic, and are hosted so that people can connect or share experiences with people all over the world that share the same passion.  For businesses, this is an excellent way to connect and build relationships with customers based on common ground.  Talking about what your company and your employees are interested in is an excellent way to get people talking about you and your brand, and for you to follow this information in real time, as well as interacting yourself.

Let’s not forget that Google+ also uses the hashtag feature.  Other social media sites have recently noticed that the hashtag feature made popular by Twitter actually has a lot of clout when it comes to searches and keeping tabs on what’s being talked about, and with Google+ quickly becoming a very big place to wander around in, using hashtags to organise and find posts at a later date is crucial.

So, should you be on Google+?  It will take time to get used to the way it works, it will also take time for the user numbers to rise and for you to connect with people you know.  But once you have gotten the hang of the features, and see the value in connecting with people that you don’t know from all around the world, as well as watching your SEO rankings rise and rise the more you use it, we think you will wonder what you ever did without it.

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