Why do I need SSL certificate for my website

Why do I need SSL certifi...

Why do I need SSL certificate for my website
10 December 2017

Why do I need SSL certificate for my website

What is an SSL certificate?
Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is technology that is used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Without an SSL certificate, any data sent between browsers and web servers is transmitted in plain text which could be intercepted and read as it moves between the two.

SSL certificates are used almost like an electronic ‘passport’; when an internet user sends information to a server, the browser accesses the servers digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.  This is usually seen by the green HTTPS and padlock in the browsers search bar.

Why do I need one?
In the past, SSL certificates were used primarily for online shopping sites, or anything where you needed to send your payment details to a website such as booking a holiday or online gambling sites.

Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Bing are now helping to change the way that websites without SSL certificates are used.  This means that if you are an online business and you do not have an SSL certificate for your website, the browser that your potential customer is using will alert them to the fact that you’re not secure by displaying ‘Not Secure’ on any pages that collect their info.
This alone is usually enough for online customers to think twice about buying from you and abandon their shopping cart, so it is always best to have that added layer of security that will make your customer feel safe to shop with you.

It is also a ranking factor for Google, so it can have SEO benefits too.