Why Social Media Should be part of your Marketing Strategy

Why Social Media Should b...

Why Social Media Should be part of your Marketing Strategy
7 March 2014

Why Social Media Should be part of your Marketing Strategy

Social Media used to be something that businesses openly avoided.  The minefield that you could find yourself in the middle of never seemed worth the potential clientele that you could reach.  This is no longer the case it seems, as more and more businesses are jumping on board, Facebooking latest deals, tweeting about upcoming events and even Instagraming every little thing that happens in and around the office, companies of every size are proactively working social media into their marketing strategy and it is very easy to see why.

For one thing, the audience is there.  With 1.4 billion Facebook users alone and Twitter having 200 million regular users, all spending up to 2 hours a day online, having your product in prime viewing position means you have widened your potential audience, a dedicated audience that checks in on average 10 times a day, just by taking 2 minutes to sign up and create an account.  Of course, you do have to put in a bit more work than that, but that first step can change everything.

Online shoppers use social media in a number of ways and with the big names like Amazon cottoning onto this and providing a ‘share’ button which automatically adds a picture and a link to what you have just bought to your social media pages, it’s hard to say that social surfing and shopping are not connected in a big way.  Three quarters of people check their social media sites for recommendations or reviews before deciding where to purchase from and you are more likely to trust the word of a friend than an advertising company.

Get it right, and people will share your content, which opens you up to an even bigger audience without you having to do very much.  Engaging people in discussions on your pages, post vivid and exciting pictures of your products and you will make your company personable, and people like to know that they are dealing with people.

Social Media generates nearly three times the amount of leads that visiting a trade fair will, and with conversion rates 13% higher than the average it’s a cheaper, more manageable way to market your brand.

Our next blog will talk you through Success on Social Media, how and when to post and what to do to be ‘engaging’.

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