What you need to know when setting up Google Analytics

What you need to know whe...

What you need to know when setting up Google Analytics
14 July 2015

What you need to know when setting up Google Analytics

We can all agree that Google analytics is pretty great. Simple to use and set up its also free however there are a lot of features that you don’t get automatically on the default set up, that can make all the difference to your website.
More data means more insights and a better understanding of that means that going forward you can make more informed decisions regarding your digital marketing campaign.
So, what are these additional features and why do you need them?

1. Goals
If you are asking a visitor to your site to perform an action, surely you want to be able to track if they are doing it or not. Setting up the Goals feature in analytics allows you to not only see if they are doing it but on what device, where they were when they did it and the traffic source. You can also assign monetary value to each goal so that you can get a better picture of ROI and optimisation.

2. Funnel Visualisation
If your goals have multiple steps you will need to set up a Funnel. You can track the entire process with the Funnel Visualisation tool, which allows you to see dropout and when they occur and help stop leaking leads.

3. E-commerce Tracking
If you are an e-commerce site, it is always going to be beneficial to have more information regarding your site and conversions. Enabling the E-commerce Tracking tool you can access a deeper level of reporting including sales, categories and revenue which gives you a better understanding of where your visitors are coming from as well as how well your digital marketing activity is doing.

4. Event Tracking
As a standard, Google Analytics doesn’t tell you much about the actual interaction on your site, such as how many people watch your video or click on certain buttons such as ‘share’, so if this is important to you, you will need to activate the event tracking feature.

5. On Site Search
Site search gives you two things that standard analytics doesn’t. Not only does it tell you what your users searched for and found, it also gives you a great insight into what they searched for and didn’t find, meaning you can see a niche in your market that has come straight from your potential customers.

6. Google Account Linking
As you would expect, Google Analytics works really well with their other products such as Adwords, however by turning on Google Account Linking, you can automate most of your reporting between Google products and put all the data for each in one place!

7. Exclude Internal Traffic
If you or your staff are on your page, it can deliver false metrics to your analytics. By enabling the Exclude Internal Traffic feature, it eliminates any page visits or page interaction from any internal sources.

8. Cross Domain and Sub Domain Tracking
A tricky one to explain but basically, this add on gives you a better understanding of where the sales come from on your site by eliminating such things as Paypal as a popular traffic source.

9. Google Tag Manager
If you don’t know how to code, then implementing Google Analytics code and maintaining it can be a nightmare. Google Tag Manager means that you only have to put one piece of code in once and this then allows you to add new tags and amend old ones easier.

10. Enable Remarketing
This feature allows you to create custom audiences and export them straight to Adwords, making re-marketing on Google Display Network easier and less time consuming

11. Enable Demographic Reporting
This is a great tool for understanding your visitors. By turning on this feature, Google reports on demographics and interests of your visitors which give you vital information regarding how to target and market to them effectively!

12. UTM Tagging
UTM tags give you a better understanding of your digital marketing activity; however is not strictly part of Google Analytics. You get to see powerful data on clicks, email and social activity.

So you see, Google Analytics is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true wealth of data that you can add to your arsenal and can help put you ahead of your competition online. Our experienced team at Websmart know the ins and outs of exactly what can be achieved and are qualified in knowing which add ons and information would be best for your specific industry.
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