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eBay Store Design

eBay Developer Program Member LogoSay you have a market stall. And say you’re lucky enough to get your market stall into a really popular Market place, with lots of potential clients visiting daily. Brilliant! But part of the reason that this Market Place is busy is that there are hundreds and hundreds of other little market stalls all selling their products, just like you are. And some of those market stalls will be selling exactly what you are. Not so brilliant.
Now imagine that the Market Place is eBay, and your market stall is your eBay account and instead of hundreds of sites, there are millions of other accounts that you are competing with. How do you stand out from the crowd and ensure that the custom comes to you?


Many sites on eBay suffer because the lack of design or attention put into the account is simply not enough to catch people’s eye. The standard template is used a lot, and this looks cheap, which in turn makes your company and your product look cheap. Not good.

Here at Websmart Design, we can offer some of the most advanced templates on the market to ensure that your site represents the high quality of your product. We work with you to create a high impact design that you are happy with and we can even apply this design to both your eBay shop front and your eBay listings page, so your brand stays consistent throughout the site.eBay Store Designs

Any new additions to your site, such as new shop categories or product descriptions, will automatically update as all designs are fully supported by the eBay interface, so you will be able to keep your site fresh and up to date without having to come back and have a redesign.

So, what are you getting by having Websmart handle your eBay design?

• New design / replicate of your website
• Matching listing template design
• Free implementation into your eBay account
• Build and design of up to 5 custom pages
• Logo design / Branding
• Full shop design
• About Me page design

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