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E-Mail Marketing

Our inboxes play such an important part of our lives.  For just about all of us, both in business and private life, checking what’s arrived in our email is often something we do not just once, but multiple times per day.  And increasingly, this happens not just at our desk or in our  home, but also on the move, via our ever growing array of mobile devices.  Which is why professionally designed and written Email Marketing can be such a powerful communications medium.E-mail Marketing

But be assured, the Email Marketing campaigns we create for our clients here at Websmart are the polar opposite to spam.  Unlike spammers, proper email marketers do not deluge people with messages that are of no real use to them or may even harm them.  On the contrary, a properly co-ordinated email marketing campaign delivers content that is of real value to the recipients in an engaging, informative form.  Which is why it works so well.

We can produce and manage an email marketing campaign that will perform as an effective weapon in your online marketing arsenal, also complementing your offline activities.  This can be anything from succinct, plain text messages to more complex concepts with images and even video embedded, either mute or with a soundtrack.

Best of all, Email Marketing through Websmart is highly measurable. The in-depth reports our system generates means you’ll know who has subscribed to your campaign, which emails have bounced, exactly when your emails were opened and by whom, as well as how many opens it has achieved to date.

With this level of detailed data being played back, we can continue to refine and finesse your campaign, honing it to perform ever better.  What’s more, your list will be self-managing, automatically removing the email addresses of target individuals who have not opened your emails, also providing the facility to unsubscribe for those who wish to do so and thus complying with the rules responsible email marketers are called upon to follow.

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