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PPC Advertising

google-partner-rgb-searchIf you’re anything like us, you like to not only be in control of your company spending, but you also like to see what your money is getting you in terms of results.

PPC or paid search marketing lets you do just that, with Google AdWords allowing you to target an audience that is already looking for your services,and put you right in front of their eyes; or in other words, on page one of a Google Search Results page.  And since you only get charged once someone has clicked on your advert, you can literally watch your ROI as it happens!


Pay per click has been around a while and Websmart have been using it to get their clients as high as possible on search engine rankings for years, which means that we are happy to call ourselves experts and, no matter what size your business is, we can create a tailor-made  campaign that will get results.


We get to know your company, your competitors and your clients and we create a campaign that is tailored to suit.  We work with you to ensure that you’re happy with our strategy, and are on hand to help with developments as they happen.


We make sure that we only target the most appropriate keywords, whilst ensuring that you still cover the full search spectrum.  In short, we don’t waste your time or ours by chasing after the wrong market.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are the online equivalent of having the right running shoes…they make the difference between you and your competitors winning the race for that all important click.  Without it, you are leaving yourself open to being left behind tripping over your laces.  Here at Websmart, we us Ad extensions in our campaigns, ensuring our clients have the tools cross the finish line first!

PPC Optimisation

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and with our ongoing optimisation support constantly reviewing the market place and identifying trends, your campaign continually evolves, making sure that no matter what happens out there, you are ahead of the rest.


Whether you have existing campaigns, or are starting with us from scratch, we work hard to build from your brand outwards, keeping you and your message at the heart of everything that we do.  We make sure that YOU have the relationship with new connections, and we offer support and training at every step of the way.

Adcopy Writing

All adverts are tightly focused, and targeted with missile precision to ensure that you get the maximum amount of high quality traffic, at the lowest possible price.  Strong call to actions, keywords and meticulous testing ensures that we get it right.


You want to see results, and so do we! With our tracking services, you get to see data that proves what we say we do, and shows you where your money is being spent.


Everything from comparisons from our last report, to what your competitors are up to and everything in between, we produce meaningful, clear reports that show you real data.  You chose what key metrics you are most interested in seeing and we will provide.

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