SEO... What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

SEO… What’s that ...

SEO… What’s that got to do with the price of fish?
30 November 2012

SEO… What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

Money, that’s what.  Like so many other resources where rapidly surging demand has meant that supplies are dwindling, you may have noticed that the cash we’re being asked to pay for our favourite form of waterborne protein is doing the exact opposite to sinking out there in the shops these days.  And precisely the same principle applies to those deliciously appetising, but oh-so-overfished, big keywords  – we’ve regularly seen up to £40 a click and often considerably in excess of this.  

All of which is why more and more companies are using SEO to ensure they float as quickly as possible to the surface of the increasingly deep and murky ocean of search results.  And any SEO worth his or her salt will cast their net towards judicious use of the markedly better value offered by long-tail keywords.

When it comes to generating traffic, SEO is the way to go and we’ve got statistics to prove it, more of which later.  But first, let’s suppose that you did want to take on the big players to compete for those upscale keywords – here’s a fun look at just what it would really take to reel in the profits:

Category:  ‘Insurance’

Examples:  ‘buy car insurance online’ and ‘auto insurance price quotes

Top ranked website for these keywords:

Most paid:


How could you reach number one with this:

•    Get more than 280,000 backlinks from north of 45,000 unique domains, ensuring that around 10% of them have anchor text including ‘credit’
•    Generate 41,000+ unique, keyword related pages for your website
•    Age your domain for around 16 years

And if you got all this right: you could earn £6,298,420 a year, which is quite a good year, we’re sure you’ll agree.

You get the picture, no doubt.  So, given the fact that the above strategy would perhaps demand just a few too many hours and financial resources to accomplish, may we recommend Websmart SEO as a much more affordable and time-efficient route to the elevated rank your business deserves.

Earlier in this piece, we promised you a few recent examples of our SEO dexterity in action.  The first we’d like to mention is the result of the latest stage of an ongoing SEO exercise we completed last month for our client Nags Essentials. The result of this endeavour was that, stockists of esteemed country clothing brand Joules – and therefore featuring this keyword artfully incorporated into the text – was propelled to second position on the page, just below Joules themselves.  High?  Yes, that’s how we felt having achieved this.

It was also like an early Christmas present when we learned that our just launched site for Godwick TurkeysGodwicks, who rear and distribute Norfolk’s finest free range turkeys especially for the upcoming yuletide festival, had entered the Googlesphere at number five, which was quite an achievement given the intense seasonal competition. But then, the very next day, things got even better when it soared on up to 4th place for Free Range Turkeys.

Finally, a few words about our client Robert Harwood, who are one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of lashing systems, lifting equipment and ratchet straps.  Sounds like serious business and it is, because often, people’s lives depend on the quality and resilience of these products in testing and potentially dangerous circumstances.  Which is why Robert Harwood only deal in the best.  Stepping up to this responsibility in SEO terms, we made sure their website, was safely conveyed to Google’s No1 position in its search category

We’ve been in sailing through the often stormy waters of SEO since SEO was invented and one guiding principle we’ve learned is that in search, nothing stays the same.  Search engines evolve all the time, introduce new algorithms, change the rules, move the goalposts  – and we make sure we’re on top of each and every one of these changes, able to make them work for our clients.

We’re not fishing for complements here – but we do hope you’ll let us put our proven SEO expertise to work for you soon.