SEO Strategy; 4 Steps to SEO Success

SEO Strategy; 4 Steps to ...

SEO Strategy; 4 Steps to SEO Success!
19 December 2016

SEO Strategy; 4 Steps to SEO Success!

No matter what your business is, and whether you are looking to capture B2B or B2C customers, search engine optimisation is still one of the top ways to drive new traffic to your website.

SEO is such a complicated process that the only way to really get ahead is to make sure that you have a professional working behind the scenes for you. However, there are things that you can do to help the process run as smoothly as possible, either before you start to tackle it yourself or talk to an agency.

  1. Know your audience

Not just knowing your audience, but understanding them is key to this whole process and in the world of SEO, this is called ‘personas’; a set of representative profiles that communicate the important behaviours, wants, needs, goals and frustrations of your target audience from the beginning of the decision-making journey to the end. Knowing this information gives you the chance to ensure that your company has already solved or met these markers, before your audience arrives at your page, making them more likely to stay and do business with you.  Effective personas are divided into two sections of data; primary and secondary, which are used to improve your understanding of how a particular persona interacts with a certain application within in a given context.

  1. Perform an SEO audit

Think of this like triage at the hospital.  Before you are seen by the Dr, you undergo a process of triage to determine what is wrong with you, and what course of treatment will be most effective.  An SEO audit is the same theory. You take the website that you want to begin SEO on and you look at which areas could be causing problems.  Are there technical issues that are making it hard for search engines to crawl? Is the site content or the layout confusing or muddled? Have you made your site responsive or mobile friendly?  With the Google indexes being split, this has become an important aspect of your website and if you are not mobile friendly, you may be penalised.  Mobile will be the priority index and desktop will be refreshed less often.  Requesting Analytics and Google Search Console access for the domain will help you to see what needs work and what is already performing well.

  1. Look at your Content

Now that you have a better understanding of what your audience wants and needs from your site, it is time to look at your content and see if it fits your personas and where it falls in the decision making and purchasing funnel.  Don’t force your content to fit those needs; instead you are looking for where your content already fits and then making a list of areas that could do with improvements. Remember to look at your content themes; is it better to put similar pieces of content together to pack a more powerful punch or are they better in their own spaces? Always keep in mind that for keywords and content, you are always looking at it from the eyes of the searcher and their intent.  What are they looking for and how?

  1. Look to your Competition

Analysing how others in your field are doing things will help you to develop your own strategy.  How are they spending their marketing budget and where? What tone of voice they are using; are they telling their customers what they want or are they taking what their customers are telling them they need and moulding themselves to fit?

Knowing where you fit within your market is an important part of the competitor analysis process.  How do you rank with authoritative and trustworthy content? Can you afford to go head-to-head with the top dogs in your field?  Understanding how you can set yourself up for success and attract a new, more relevant audience and get them to your website is vital and seeing how others are doing this is key. And remember to look beyond the norm.  Are there any companies that you haven’t thought of as direct competition offering the same or similar services to yourself that you could take a look at?

Establishing a better understanding  of your customer and how you fit their needs will make diving into SEO a lot easier and will bring rewards over time.  It may appear that you are doing everything right, but when you change the focus of your approach from selling to buying, you may be surprised at what you find your target audience really thinks.

SEO is an ever evolving strategy and when you get it right, it can make your brand and your sales take off. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you to achieve the most from your website, call our team of SEO experts today on 01553 766760