Secure Site, Secure Rankings

Secure Site, Secure Ranki...

Secure Site, Secure Rankings
18 August 2014

Secure Site, Secure Rankings

With new websites going live every day and joining the millions that are already online, how do you know that the details you are typing into that site are safe?

Well, there are two ways; the HTTP at the beginning of the web address will change to HTTPS and the search bar before the web address will go green and have a padlock next to it.

This means that the website has an SSL certificate, meaning that the data transferred through that site is protected and encrypted so that hackers can’t gain access to it. SSL is regarded as the most secure and reliable form of data security online and as such, you will see all banking website hold a certificate.

As part of Google’s plan to clean up and make the internet safer for the end user, they have announced that they will be rewarding SSL protected websites with higher search rankings, meaning that your sites SEO will benefit greatly from taking advantage of this simple step.

So what’s protected by SSL?  Well, basically any personal data that is entered into your website.  This could be log in details, payment details such as credit card numbers, passwords and more, so it is well worth participating.  Giving customers peace of mind to shop with you means that they will feel safe doing business with you online and are more likely to pick your site over one that doesn’t protect their information.

It reduces costs for you as well, by enabling you to take online payments direct, rather than through a third party verification site.

Websmart Design give the option to every customer within their quote to add an SSL certificate to their site through our hosting package, and since Google announced their changes, we strongly recommend that you do.

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