How responsive design can help you

How responsive design can...

How responsive design can help you
9 September 2013

How responsive design can help you

Think back to this morning as you were leaving the house.  What are the three things that you would not want to forget?  You need your wallet, your keys and your mobile phone or tablet, right? In the past few years, the mobile device has not only taken prime position on our ‘can’t leave home without’ list, but it has also drastically changed the way that we surf the net.  We can now very easily access our social media sites from a coffee shop, our favourite shopping sites from the train and pretty much everything we want Google to answer for us whilst walking down the street.  We are on the move and we demand no less than our internet fix to come along for the ride.

toolsAnd companies like us have to be more on the ball than ever to make sure that no matter what device you are using; iPad, mobile phone, laptop; you all get the same experience.

Responsive web design delivers this, being coded to not only recognise what device it is being viewed on, but also adapting itself to fit.  Gone are the days of looking at a site on your mobile, and seeing oversized images and inaccurate page margins and after sighing and frowning, waiting till you get home to get the full site experience, if you bothered at all.

Another bonus of responsive design is that you could log onto say Pinterest at home, create an account and then go out, and be able to log on via your mobile or tablet on the move, and have the same information available to you to show friends.  Google will only register your presence once, no matter what device you use to access your sites.  It navigates through smart phones exactly as it does through desktop content, ensuring SEO remains a key feature.

There is a reason that everyone, from Tech heads to your Grandmother will have heard of responsive design, and why they are getting excited about it.  Our blog from last year highlighted that looking at a non responsive website was akin to looking down a telescope the wrong way.  It didn’t deliver what you are expecting it to.  Clear images, readable text and everything sitting where it should be were very hit and miss, with one site being fine and another being messier than a teenager’s bedroom.  And we would be willing to bet a lot of money that we could guess which website you stayed on and gave your custom.

With an estimated 250 million tablets sold by the end of 2013, they will eclipse the standard PC in sales numbers.  We have recognised this and adjusted our services to suit, identifying the new ‘Market on The Move’.  Our responsive website clients are already enjoying the benefits of 40% more traffic from mobile and tablet devices, and with the margin for competition getting thinner every day, this is a consumer group that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

In one day alone, you have probably used your own mobile device to find and book a restaurant, search for and reserve that coffee table you like, as well as making your contribution to the 5,134,000,000 Google searches per day, and you probably did it without really having to think about it, which, of course, means that responsive design is doing its job and doing it well.


And it will only get better.  As our technology becomes more personal and more important to us, we will always be looking for a way to make it faster, smoother, sleeker and of course, more responsive to our individual needs and requirements.   Web design is no longer looked at as an online brochure, that we leave at home, it is now something that we carry with us in our pockets, information at a swipe of a finger or the opening of an app and all as speedy as we are no doubt moving through our day.


And at Websmart, we ensure that we keep up with the latest Tech requirements.  With our design experience and development skills, we are able to not only design you a fully responsive site from scratch, but can also make the necessary adjustments to your existing site to make sure you keep up with the pack and deliver your customers the mobile experience they not only expect, but demand from you now.

There are literally millions of mobile customers out there, shopping, Tweeting, Facebooking and pinning everywhere they go.  With a responsive design for your website, you can ensure that they take you with them.  That’s your business, your products, right in their pocket.

So, what are you waiting for?  Reach out and get responsive today by calling 01553 766 760 to discuss how you want to reach the World’s fastest growing consumer group.