Reasons why websites need to work well on mobile devices

Reasons why websites need...

Reasons why websites need to work well on mobile devices
14 June 2012

Reasons why websites need to work well on mobile devices

More and more people are using their smart phones and tablets (ipad style devices) to browse the internet. They may be at home, in traffic, or taking a coffee break at work; they are still browsing the web and potentially looking for your website.

It’s only in the last few years that WAP has been forgotten and 3G mobile internet has ramped up to an acceptable speed. For websites that were made a few years ago the chances are that they won’t work on mobiles at all (i.e. they may rely on technologies like flash).

Mobile Version V. Mobile Compatible

What’s the difference? – A mobile compatible website is one that will look and function exactly the same on a phone as a computer, maybe a bit smaller! A mobile version also known as a web app is basically another website, it is a streamlined version. The intention behind this is to reduce loading time and present the content in a readable font size also removing any unnecessary element from the website that may visually be good on a computer but for small screens just get in the way (e.g. big banner images, sidebars, footers, etc).

Five reasons why mobile is good:

• 37% of Twitter users login via their phones, and 40% of Facebook users do exactly the same. So, if your campaign is a social one, having versions for multiple platforms such as iphone, android, and ipad should be high on your ‘to-do’ list.

• There are more smart phones than computers being sold today:

• Nearly 9.1% of global website hits is from a mobile device.

• Users have far lower expectation for a mobile website, all they need is the content – so there is simply no need for a long and expensive design and development stage for this type of project.

• There are 1.2 billion mobile web users in the world. In other words, 17% of global population access the web from a mobile device. That’s an audience too large for any business or website owner to ignore, right?

So… now you understand the importance of investing in mobile compatibility and how it really is a good idea.

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