What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing?
8 August 2017

What is PPC Marketing?

If you have dipped your toe into online marketing at all, no doubt you will have seen PPC staring back at you.  PPC or Pay Per Click is where you gain traffic to your website by purchasing specific keywords in an ‘auction model’.  You can see them in action when you search for something on Google. The top results are usually separate from the rest and in green with ‘Ad’ next to them as seen below in our search for Joules wellies.

Google Adwords Results page

Google Adwords Search Results for Joules Wellies

The company at the top of the Ad results, so in this case ‘Outdoor and Country’ will have put a bid in to Google’s PPC auction and will hold that position on the search result Ad space.  Every time someone clicks on that link, Outdoor and Country pay a fee to Google for the privilege of being at the top of a consumers search results.

This form of search engine advertising is very popular because if you do it well, the fee that you pay per click is much less than the conversion of the visit.  For example, if Outdoor and Country’s bid was £2 for a click, but every click lead to a sale of £55 wellies, it has been worth it.

A winning PPC campaign takes a lot of work and research to ensure that you are putting in the right bids for the right keywords.  This process is called a ‘building a campaign’ and it is a well organised series of ad groups and PPC landing pages of relevant, intelligent, targeted keywords.  Get these right and search engines will reward you with more clicks and clicks mean conversions which means profit for you.

The most well-known PPC advertising system is Google Adwords.

Adwords works on the above principle of bidding for keywords as explained above.  Every time a specific keyword is searched for Google dips into the pool of bids from companies and chooses a set of winners that will appear in the Adword box above the rest of the results.

To be one of those winners, you need to hit a certain amount of factors which include:

  • The quality and relevance of the keyword to your product or service
  • The size of your keyword bid
  • Ad Rank metric

This is not all that is looked at, but Google keeps all of its cards close to its chest when it comes to how they choose winners.  Ad Rank is a metric that is calculated by multiplying 2 factors;

CPC Bid (the maximum you are willing to spend) by the Quality Score (value that takes into account your click-through rate, relevance, and landing page quality)

Although there are various PPC platforms out there, Google Adwords is the most valuable way to do it, as the level of traffic that flows through Googles search engine is huge, so your impressions rate is going to be higher.  After that it is up to how well your campaign is managed and for it to be good, it will need to focus on the following:

  • Quality Score – Googles rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, your landing pages and your PPC campaigns
  • Keyword relevance – How good your keyword lists, keyword groups and ad text is
  • Landing Page Quality – How good are the pages that any click through will land on? Are they optimised with relevant content, clear call to actions and persuasive well written copy?

All this can seem a little overwhelming and if you are new to PPC, it can be easy to lose your way.  Here at Websmart, our team of PPC experts already know what to do to make sure that your PPC campaign hits the ground running and delivers conversions for you.  We have extensive experience in building relevant keyword campaigns that search engines like and can help you to get your site in the top positions.  Talk to our SEO team now by calling 01553 766760.