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west norfolk electrical engineering.

With a great reputation for engineering but a tired and outdated image WNEE approached us to give the company a face lift and bring their branding into the 21st century. Inspired by the humble plug, we designed a logo that blends with the initials of the company and reflects the electrical industry with a fluid and striking typographic element. From here we could then design the companies stationery, livery and uniforms.

west norfolk electrical engineering

The WNEE brochure website works on a one page basis. However we have cleverly split the single page into three columns so you never have to leave the home screen.

The first column is used for the navigation.
The second shows you the relevant information and imagery from the section in the navigation bar.
The third and final column shows you a brief outline and description of the company with a contact form for the end user to get in touch about their project requirements.

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