What makes people abandon their online shopping cart?

What makes people abandon...

What makes people abandon their online shopping cart?
10 November 2014

What makes people abandon their online shopping cart?

Shopping cart Abandonment; where an online shopper adds items to a cart, then never purchases.

As an online trader, few things are more frustrating. What caused them to show interest then leave? Where did they go and why? And what can you do to stop it happening next time?

The figures aren’t too comforting either, with it being suggested that on average 60-80% of shopping carts are abandoned, so in order to not be one of the carts that ends up in that figure, you need to know why it’s happening and how to stop it from happening.

More bad news I’m afraid, as there are countless reasons why people leave their cart, and not all are easily explained, however, there are patterns that are starting to emerge now that companies are starting to pay more attention.

Once they have added items to the cart, they see that the total plus shipping is more than they expected.

With this reason accounting for 58% of cart abandonment, this is a big one to focus on. This can be avoided, or at least reduced by making your shipping charges clear BEFORE the item is added to the cart. A banner on your home page, or prices listed on each product page will help make this transparent for the end user.

Not offering a payment option that they are familiar with.

Singing up to a new payment gateway when you already have accounts with others will make someone leave your site in preference for one that offers them their preferred payment option.

Ensure that you are signed up to the main ones such as PayPal and WorldPay to cover the biggest market, however ensuring that you offer as many as possible will give your customer the chance to find their familiar method and encourage them to see through their purchase.

 There was no option of real time help if they needed it. 

As clear as your website might be for you, not everyone is the same and some people may not find their experience as easy as you hoped that they would.

Offering help options that provide real time answers will not only encourage them to stay on your site and ask for help rather than just switching to an easier site, but it also shows a dedication to great customer service. If you are there to help before they have parted with any money, then you are reassuring them that you will deliver the same standard after as well.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no fool proof way of eradicating shopping cart abandonment completely; some people are just online window shoppers however recognising these changes that you can make immediately will help reduce the chances of it happening to you.

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