Penalty Rescue- Don’t lose rankings due to bad SEO!

Penalty Rescue- Don’t l...

Penalty Rescue- Don’t lose rankings due to bad SEO!
23 January 2015

Penalty Rescue- Don’t lose rankings due to bad SEO!

Found that your SEO campaign has been hit hard by the latest Google algorithm changes?

A previous SEO company filled your website with low quality spam links and now you’re paying the price?

Here at Websmart, we hear cases like this all too often, so have ensured that we have the solution on hand to help get you and your website back with the front runners.

Suffered due to Spammy Links?

Pre-2012, a websites search ranking was heavily based on how many links that site had to and from its site, so SEO companies loaded sites and their clients sat nicely at page 1.

Then came the Penguin, an algorithm from Google whose main focus was to target sites that had been filled with ‘bad’ links (links that had no relevance to the site) and penalise them in the race for rankings.  This was done to filter out websites of low quality and leave the end user with nothing but high quality sites filled with high quality content. 

The downside to this was no matter how good your site was, if an SEO company had tried to get your page ranking higher by filling it with ‘bad’ links, your site plummeted overnight, and you have probably struggled to get it back ever since.

Our team know what makes a site rise to the top. Our SEO team know Penguin inside and out and have all the skills in place to get your website back to where it deserves to be.  It’s all about quality, not quantity going forward and our team of copywriters and SEO experts work closely together to ensure that Penguin rewards your site with a great ranking.

We ensure that your site has rich content, with no duplication and original text, and ticks all the boxes with Penguin before it goes live, working closely with you to make sure that your message isn’t lost along the way.

We check;

Bad links  and remove any that are harmful to your site

Your copy for anything that may be penalising your search rank.  This can be as simple as correcting spelling and grammar to rewriting your copy completely.

Navigation and site arrangement

As well as anything else that your site has that may be causing your rankings to drop, and we do it all from a transparent viewpoint.  We show you what was wrong and we keep you in the loop at every step of the process so you can see that what we do is working.

Call our team today and start the process of being found on search engines again 01553 766760