Multifaceted Digital Marketing with Websmart

Multifaceted Digital Mark...

Multifaceted Digital Marketing with Websmart
29 April 2013

Multifaceted Digital Marketing with Websmart

Anyone with extensive experience – and that includes us here at Websmart – knows that effective digital marketing is not a one tactic solution, but a multifaceted art, requiring a carefully assembled combination of complementary skills and techniques, selected and deployed to suit each client’s specific needs.

These include:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
Social Media campaign planning
Content creation including targeted articles via online PR and guest blogging
Design strategy

Your ideal combination may be some of these options, or it could be all of them.  And no-one is more qualified to advise you than us in helping to get this formula and the Digital marketingsequence in which it is used absolutely right.

PPC is a fast way to boost the number of relevant visitors to your site.  By creating and managing your PPC campaign, we can ascertain which keywords are producing conversions and drawing most traffic, then apply this data to enhance your SEO in a virtuous circle of activity.

Applied to your PPC, SEO will help us develop your content, track user patterns, the relevance of your keywords and measure the conversions we are helping you achieve.  What’s more, by optimising performance, we can help you reduce your daily PPC expenditure.

It’s important to add that we are Google Adwords certified professionals, acknowledged as ‘white hat’ practitioners – which means we work in close cooperation with major search engines such as Google to ensure your site will never fall foul of their many prerequisites and rules, which can result in a website being penalised, relegated to a lower position in search rankings or worse still, suspended.

In addition to these elements, we may have recommended that rich media and banners are included in your online marketing mix, plus targeted content creation, with our team writing and placing articles for you via online PR and guest blogging.  With SEO becoming more and more reliant on rich snippets, which require the attention of a developer, it’s an advantage to you that all the key skills – from coding to creative design and writing – are all in one place here at Websmart!

Finally, we integrate analytics software into every digital marketing programme we create, so we can measure everything from the likes and shares on your Facebook page (which we can design for you) to the click-throughs your search engine presence generates.   All this crucial data is delivered to you in regular reports and forms the basis for ongoing refinement.

So, for a truly multifaceted digital marketing campaign that will get your business working in a Websmart way online, call us today on 01553 766760 or email