Life Through A Screen – But What Does This Mean for the Logo?

Life Through A Screen –...

Life Through A Screen – But What Does This Mean for the Logo?
30 July 2014

Life Through A Screen – But What Does This Mean for the Logo?

There is no arguing anymore. The debate has been won and the victor named. Mobile phones officially run our lives. With blogs popping up all over the place either complaining about or justifying the new ‘life through a screen’ generation, it is undeniably our preferred way to do everything.

And when we say generation, we don’t just mean the 20 something’s and the stroppy teenagers, filming every event they go to, or endlessly Snapchat-ting or Instagram-ing every second of their existence. We are all at it, no matter how old we are or where we live.

Apps to help you cook your dinner, blow the tires up on your car or even what colour paint to use in your small box room; every aspect of our lives is being made easier or more accessible from within a mobile device.

We are very much behind this revolution, being pretty tech-headed and all, and as app developers ourselves, we are just as guilty of helping the screen obsessed next generation flourish and thrive.

One area that we have discovered to be hit hardest with the evolution side of the mobile takeover is unarguable the design industry. Web designers have had to rethink how they build websites, with most web companies now coding responsively as standard. With mobile internet usage increasing from 21% to 63% in just over 4 years, if your website isn’t responsive, then you are likely to shut yourself out of a large percentage of potential customers. Try something as simple as buying a top on your mobile from an unresponsive web site. I bet in less than a minute of resizing and edging around the page you will have given up and returned to demand a better experience from Google’s search results.

Graphic designers all over the world have either groaned or relished in the news that the World’s viewing screen is now no bigger than a business card in most cases. Fans of simplistic design will be happy, as due to the lack of space you now have to show your logo in, the trends for 2014 and beyond will be stripped back and clutter free. The more exuberant designer will be forced to rework their visions into a simpler, more streamline version of their former selves.

Our perception of small has been altered; although always understood, the way we think of scalable will never be the same. Designs have been stripped bare, with simple, easy to read fonts and flatter, less detailed imagery, so that the look is universal no matter what device the consumer is using.

As with everything in life, there is a tipping point, a balance that needs to be maintained, and the technical age is no different. The more we advance and the more we integrate technology into our lives, the more the need for the ‘real’ will start to creep in. Our organic World is not flat, not mono-weight or simplified. It is complex, with depth, movement and beauty and eventually designers will be forced to evolve yet again to make our technology look and feel more natural and the cycle will start all over.

For now though and for a few years to come, logo design and typography as well, will remain dominated by our need to view our lives through our phones and tablets; undoubtedly keeping to the current and emerging trend of two dimensional, quick to recognise logos that look great at any size.

Take McDonalds recent change to their advertising campaign. Their logo will never need to be changed as you could recognise the Golden Arches on the head of a pin let alone a phone screen, however their ad images have taken on a bold ‘back to basics’ feel. No details included that don’t need to be there, and when the big boys are doing something, it is only a matter of time before the rest of us follow suit.

It is easy to be minimalist without losing your identity when your brand is already one of the most recognisable on the Planet; so how do you make sure that your smaller business still gets their message across but at the same time, stays trendy and current within the market? It will always be a very finely executed balancing act, we won’t deny that. But getting it right could mean that your brand is clicked on rather than scrolled past by the millions of people holding their mobile device and your business in their hands.


Our Graphic design team know what it takes to make your brand work on all devices and platforms; working closely with you to find out key areas of importance to ensure that even in simple design, what your company stands for is not lost.

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