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Instagram Stories for bus...

Instagram Stories for business
5 September 2018

Instagram Stories for business

Did you know that Instagram Stories has 400 million daily users? Instagram is very keen for users and brands to get involved.

Firstly, what is Instagram Stories?
Instagram Stories allow users and brands to share content that disappears after 24hrs of being posted. Content can include photos and videos (including videos created via Boomerang).

Instagram Stories can be saved to your profile. These are then known as your Instagram Stories Highlights. Having a purple circle around your profile photo indicates to followers that you have posted on your story.

Why should your business be using Instagram Stories?
So many people and businesses are using Instagram Stories! They provide the perfect opportunity for your brand to update existing followers and encourage more people to connect with your brand. They feel exclusive and exciting!

What should you post on your story?
There are so many ways to engage your audience using Instagram Stories. These are just a few ideas you can incorporate:

  • Tutorials – Instagram Stories are great for sharing step-by-step tutorials. Not only is this content engaging, but it’s also educational for followers.
  • User-generated content – You can encourage your followers to use a hashtag of your choice to promote your brand. When you see followers using this, you can then share their content in your story. It’s much better to post this here rather than clogging up your feed. It’s also a great way to get followers involved!
  • Behind the scenes – The beauty of Instagram Stories is that they don’t interfere with your main feed, allowing you to share less polished content. It’s an excellent way to share casual, behind the scenes insights and keep dedicated followers updated.
  • Announcements – Announcements are excellent to share. You can tease exciting things that are coming up and really create a buzz!

Our tips!

– Use eye-catching images/videos that grab your follower’s attention.
– Don’t ruin the images with too much text. Keep it simple!
– Use interactive elements such as questions stickers.
– Lastly, have fun!