Email Marketing vs Social Media Ads…Which One Should I be Using to Drive Sales?

Email Marketing vs Social...

Email Marketing vs Social Media Ads…Which One Should I be Using to Drive Sales?
22 January 2018

Email Marketing vs Social Media Ads…Which One Should I be Using to Drive Sales?

When it comes to online sales, you want to know that you are maximising the return on your time and your money when it comes to advertising.  Getting your best deals and newest products in front of your audience is vital, but do you use your budget on email marketing or would you be better sending out social media ads instead?

The truth is, both avenues are uniquely valuable and can see great returns as long as they are executed correctly, and each have benefits that will help you to reach your goals.

Why Choose Email Marketing?

Email marketing is still one of the best and cost-effective ways to reach a broad audience who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer.  Email users are an active bunch, with 91% of email users checking their accounts at least once a day.

But what about all those blog posts that say that the email is dead?   Well, we like to look at the stats rather than opinions here at Websmart and they make for compelling reading.

  • The average open rate for an email is 21.23%
  • Facebook organic reach has declined by 6%
  • 64% of company’s rate EMAIL marketing as the most effective way to reach their audience
  • Email marketing boasts higher conversion rates than any other marketing channel, with one report finding that 66% of online shoppers made a purchase because of email marketing

Why Choose Social Media Ads?

Well, the biggest reason for using social media ads is that channels such as Facebook have access to an astonishing amount of third party data, which you can use to your advantage.  You can use their data to reach a carefully selected and targeted group of people who, based on their other online activity, might be interested in your products or services.

Whereas email marketing tends to focus more on people that you have already done business with, social media ads are a great way to tap into a new audience.  With organic reach down, if you just post about your product, then the return is likely to be low, however turn this post into a paid ad, and you can really start to discover new customers.

With internet users logging in a massive 9 hours online and 30% of that dedicated to social media, using social channels to advertise is actually having a dual benefit; brand awareness is also increasing.  The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to use you when the time comes.  A great way to boost this it to run a Brand Awareness campaign prior to running your ad campaign.

Can I use Email Marketing and Social Ads together for a Better Return?

The great thing about email marketing and social ads is that if you know how to run them together, they become much stronger as a strategy.

For example, you can use social media to increase your email marketing list.  It can be a struggle, especially if you are just starting out, to gain new email addresses.  By promoting your ‘opt-in’ offers on your social channels and offering some kind of incentive for your audience to part with their information, you can see real growth on your email list.  And if you target it correctly, you will only reach people that are highly likely to want to give you their email address so it’s a double win.

Knowing how to use each tactic to maximise your marketing budget is a skill and once mastered, you will start to see how it can make a real impact to your sales goals.

Here at Websmart, we know what goes into a great marketing campaign and have used social media and email marketing together in the right balance to make sure our customers are happy with the results.

Give our team a call today to talk about what it is that we can do to give your marketing strategy a shake up this new year!