Cooool – our Swapboards site wins Heart Internet’s Website of The Month Gold Award!

Cooool – our Swapboards...

Cooool – our Swapboards site wins Heart Internet’s Website of The Month Gold Award!
2 November 2012

Cooool – our Swapboards site wins Heart Internet’s Website of The Month Gold Award!

Well, we’ve started the month with yet another shiver of delight running deliciously up and down our spines thanks to Heart Internet, who have generously named us as winners of their Website of the Month Gold award for our Swapboards site ( Thank you, Heart Internet, you’ve made our team – and our clients at Swapboards – very proud.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may recall that, back in April, Heart Internet put the spring in our step by naming us winners of their Bronze award for our site for talented photographer Roger Griffiths. ( and

Then, in July, Heart Internet had us hopping happily round the studio once again when they gave us their Silver Award for our Funky Bunny website ( and

We blogged in those damp and distant ‘summer’ days that we were so chuffed by these accolades, we would be looking for an opportunity to go for Heart Internet Gold with one of the dozens of sites we were busy creating at the time. It was difficult choosing which of our sites to enter, but finally – on tenterhooks – we submitted Swapboards and crossed our keyboard weary fingers.

We knew it was good, but to win Heart’s coveted Website of The Month Gold Award with Swapboards against what we’re sure was stiff competition this month confirmed our self-confidence in this vibrant site.

Snowboarding isn’t just a pastime; it’s a high adrenalin sport, a way of life enjoyed by energetic people who revel in the sheer heart-racing exhilaration that it delivers. Snowboarding is also a global community, filled with like-minded people whose skill on the mountain and the dry slope transcends nationality.

So, we knew we had to reflect all these important factors in Swapboards’ site, to make it a living hub, where snowboarders would feel they belong and want to visit again and again.
All this and of course, it must work seamlessly as an easy to use online store where snowboarders can browse and acquire the best kit from the world’s leading brands.

Swapboards is a company which is actually run by snowboarders – they live and breathe the snowboarding culture – and we wanted this to really come across in the look and feel of the site. The Swapboards crew was able to provide us with some truly edgy photography and video to incorporate and the snowboards, bindings, clothing and luggage they specialise in look eye-poppingly good. We integrated these visually stunning elements with vibrant graphics and typography. In addition, because social media presence is crucial in the Swapboards media mix, we created Facebook and Twitter profiles that echo the core design of the site.

Now, we’re basking gratefully in the golden glow of our Heart Internet award and looking forward to generating an avalanche of new business for this totally cool company.