Why your company should be blogging

Why your company should b...

Why your company should be blogging
18 February 2014

Why your company should be blogging

Blogging and writing Blogging is undoubtably a skill, to take a situation or a piece of information and be able to write it in an engaging and informative manner, that will appeal to a wide range of people takes both time, knowledge and a little bit of sass.   As of last month, the art of blogging turned 20, and in that time has come on leaps and bounds.  With over 1.59 million posts being published per day in WordPress alone, there is competition out there and it means that you have to get it right, or yours will be lost.  With Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird ruling the roost of the typed word, your blog also has to satisfy a certain number of needs in order to score high on the rankings table.

And as a business, having a blog and regularly posting has a mountain of benefits.  We have picked the top reasons why you should be blogging as a business and why, when you get it right, it is one of the best marketing tools you can use.

What was the main reason you wanted a website in the first place?  To help sell your brand online right?  That’s great, but if no one is clicking on your site, then it might as well not be there.  You will always get the ‘organic click’, the people that know they want to do business with you  and have found you online by name, but to really get traffic on your site, you need more than that.  NEVER pay for an email list…Google knows when this is done and will heavily penalise you and your site if you are caught doing so.  Advertising is expensive, and as long as you are feeding it with cash, will help you get more visits, however if there was a cheaper, better way to get the same results then you would take it right?


Social media, search engines and blogging are the NEW advertising and done right, will not only make you look fantastic, but will continuously drive traffic to your site as well as keeping you high in Google rankings.  To even stand a chance of getting onto page one of any search engine, your website needs to be constantly updated.  Well, how many times can you rewrite what you do and who you are?  Not many.  But a blog can be on a variety of different subjects, and will do the job of keeping your site fresh without you having to reedit every page on your website every few months.  It also gives you something to post on social media.  Many companies say that they don’t post regularly enough as their industry doesn’t change very often….a blog is the solution.  You can literally write about anything that is going on…a new member of staff, a new project or industry news that you have heard about…all of these can be turned into a blog!

People don’t share websites…they DO share blog posts that contain information, statistics or engaging opinions.  When someone shares your blog, your audience automatically increases.  Get enough shares and you go viral and the unlimited power of this could be the difference between getting by and your company really taking off and competing with the big boys.


Blogs help you to stop being a faceless company and start being seen as people.  Customers relate to people, not businesses so making your company as human as possible WILL help convert all this traffic you’re now getting into leads and eventually, repeat custom.  By filling your blog with information, pre-empting what potential customers will be asking about your industry, you can become an authority.  This means that you are already answering their questions, making them more comfortable to do business with you as you clearly know what you are talking about.  It makes you look professional and passionate about what you do, and those things are very appealing to customers.  It means that you will do a good job for them.

And none of this will be short term.  You blog, if written correctly, will now show up in search engine results.  This means, that as long as the information you have provided does not change, your blog will show up in search results for days, months and even years.  You do the work once, and the fruit of your labor will continue to flower for many years to come…..I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a lot of advertising that can do that!

What we’re basically saying is that there is no real reason why your company shouldn’t be blogging at least once a month.  Of course, you don’t have to do it, but don’t be surprised if you slowly see your website dip in rankings and you traffic begins to slow.  Blogging is the future, and as Hummingbird is rolled out in full force, not having a blog could see you disappear altogether.


We understand that not everyone has the time or the confidence to produce blogs on a regular basis, and as such, we offer a bespoke blog management service.  For as little as £199 (+vat) per month, we will research, create and post content rich blogs on your website as 500 word articles, which are written in house by our copywriters.  Once you have approved the content, we publish for you and monitor its distribution across the web.

Call us on 01553 766760 today to discuss how we can blog your company into the future