Our beautiful, responsive websites adapt to any format - and we can SEO them!

Our beautiful, responsive...

Our beautiful, responsive websites adapt to any format – and we can SEO them!
21 August 2012

Our beautiful, responsive websites adapt to any format – and we can SEO them!

Mobile internet usage is already massive and growing a rate that makes the word exponential seem frankly somewhat inadequate.  In fact, it has been reliably predicted that mobile will well and truly overtake fixed internet access by 2014.

Here in the UK, it seems that more of us are now using our mobile devices more frequently than many other nations to shop and access social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Certainly, we leave our European neighbours trailing behind us on this particular count.Northolm Pet Supplies

So, how your website looks and performs on your customers’ mobile devices of choice is now more crucially important than ever before.  Cue fanfare and sighs of relief as we proudly announce that we can now bring you beautifully designed, responsive websites that ensure your site looks great on any device and, yes, we can also SEO them for mobile search.

Responsive.  Hold that thought, because it really is the key.  Because, by making your site responsive, we can guarantee that it will automatically adapt to suit all formats. So, whether your visitors are using a wide or smaller screen desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, we can make sure they always see your site in a way that best suits their device and your objectives.

In a perfect world, there should be no need to take people to an m.domain to see a mobile-friendly version of your site, or to then redirect them from there to your usual site, which may then not display as well as you’d wish it to or be as easy to navigate around, especially in the restricted environment of a smaller smartphone screen.  We all know the unfortunate syndrome that means because most smartphones zoom out automatically to accommodate a web page, it can often be like seeing your content through a telescope held the wrong way round.  A case of ‘hey, honey, I shrunk the website …’

Furthermore, this circuitous journey via an m.domain can be potentially irritating, not just to your customers, but also to The Great Googlebot, which should not be offended if at all avoidable.   After all, you don’t want Google indexing two versions of your site, do you?

No, in ideal circumstances, your own website should just literally respond and reconfigure to suit whichever screen size or format your visitors are using to connect with you. Well, now it can –   welcome to the any-device perfection of our newly launched responsive capability, here to equip you with a flexible website that will always present you to best effect, no matter what it’s being viewed upon.

What’s more, because googlebot crawls smartphone content in the same way it does desktop content, we can apply SEO to ensure your site achieves the lofty position it deserves in your visitors’ mobile searches.

So, for a site that’s as literally fitting across all mobile platforms as it is on a desktop, call us to talk about how we can make your website as responsive as it now needs to be.