How to avoid the top 5 SEO mistakes

How to avoid the top 5 SE...

How to avoid the top 5 SEO mistakes
18 May 2013

How to avoid the top 5 SEO mistakes

If your search traffic is somewhat sluggish, Websmart would like to introduce you to a checklist that could well help you solve that slow-moving problem very quickly indeed.  What follow’s here is, in fact, the top five SEO mistakes that webmasters fall foul of most often.  Once you know them – and how to avoid them – that elusive traffic should be well on the way to becoming a torrent.SEO blog

1.  The way your site is structured makes it hard to crawl.

OK, forgive the question, but it’s important:  do you even have a domain name of your own?  Or is your online presence hiding behind someone else’s (like in which case, you won’t only be hard for search engines to find, you’ll be tough to crawl.  If you are among the domain-nameless, Websmart will help you choose one that’s self-descriptive and easy on the search engines.

You really need Google (and all the other search engines) to be able to crawl your site easily.  To do this, Google uses web crawlers, otherwise known as bots, or more often, Googlebots, which find and index pages by following links.   So, if you conceal your finest content by making it hard to find, Google will simply not crawl, index or rank it.  This is not good.

To avoid this situation take a good look round your website to ensure you (and therefore anyone else) can find the pages you want to be found by clicking on regular links.  And do your test in a text browser (from Google’s search results, click on Google’s cache of your page/site, and then click the “Text-only version” link).

2.  You’re not using words people actually search for.

Just think to yourself, if I was searching for this site, which search terms would I use?

So, for example, let’s imagine your site is about a cure for male pattern baldness.  Yes, of course use ‘cure for male pattern baldness.’ But also consider including alternatives your potential customers may type into their search box, such as ‘thinning hair,’ ‘bald spot getting bigger’ and ‘the alternative to a toupee.’ Put yourself in the position of the person you want to find your site.  Don’t make it too hard for them to comb the web for you.

3.   It’s about so much more than link building.

Yes, of course, link building is important.  But certainly, we always also help our clients ensure their site is filled with compelling – and constantly refreshed – content, because that’s what Google wants.  We also guide them towards other powerful publicity mechanisms, such as PR and social media, in addition to offline candidates like advertising and guerrilla marketing.

4.  Bad titles and descriptions are a bad move.

If your page title is something bland like ‘Untitled,’ or so obscure that it would be hard for a visitor to find later if he or she bookmarked it, you’re in bad trouble.  Our team is skilled in writing title tags that readers and search engines love.  Meta descriptions, too – we’re experts in the creation of descriptions that are as appealing to your visitors as they are for Google.

5.  Not using Webmaster Resources can be webicide.

It’s all there and it’s all free.  Google is awash with valuable resources, including Webmaster Tools, articles, forums, blogs and videos – just search for “Top Google Website Optimization Resources.”  The Google Team is often to be found in attendance and keen to share information at search conferences.  And their major competitors, like Bing and Blekko, do the same sort of selflessly generous things.

So, that’s the top five SEO mistakes and how you can so easily avoid them.

Here’s a video Google’s Search Aficionado Matt Cutts recently posted on this topic:

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