5 ways to keep your Social Media Healthy

5 ways to keep your Socia...

5 ways to keep your Social Media Healthy
6 March 2015

5 ways to keep your Social Media Healthy

So, you’ve taken the step and joined the world on social media.

You have your accounts set up, you’ve designed your banners and you have started to build an audience.

Everything looks good and then suddenly, it’s a code blue.

You’re engagement flat lines, your stats nose dive and you start to contemplate pulling the plug on the lot.

But wait! Before you make the decision to switch off the machines, take a look at our list of tactics that can help to revive your social media accounts and bring them back to life!



If you were standing in front of a customer, firing statements and facts at them whilst randomly holding up photos, how long do you think they would stand and listen to you before they got bored and moved on? Not long I bet.

In the real world of engagement and networking, in order to have a conversation with someone and keep them interested, you ask them questions and it is no different online.

Not only are you providing a reason for them to talk to you, but in turn you will also start to receive valuable information about your audience that you can use to mould your campaign in the future.

And by learning where to ask your question within your post can have an impact as well. Posts that ended with a question have on average 15% more engagement than posts that started with a question.



Ever had a conversation with someone who asked you a question and then continued to talk so you couldn’t respond? Annoying hey!?

Well, and this is especially true of Twitter, if you use up all your characters on the question, you are taking away the space needed for them to respond or share effectively.

Just because you have 140 characters doesn’t mean you need to use them all, with it widely believed by experts that 71-100 characters is about right. Keep it compact and under 100 characters and see what happens!

Twitter is called a ‘micro-blog’ for a reason and its users are there for quick snippets rather than essays. Remember though, grammar and good sentence structure should not be compromised in order to hit the word count, and if you have to include a Twitter handle or hashtag, you will need to be even more creative with your words!


  1. The Humble Hashtag

And whilst we are on the subject of hashtags, it is a great time to mention that they can make or break your post’s health.

Twitter and Instagram dominate when it comes to hashtags, with Facebook audiences actually being turned off by them, so being aware of how hashtag-friendly a platform is will help you to make the most of them.

Hashtags are a great way of putting your content in front of people that are actively looking for it, so again it is worth knowing what search terms your audience would be using to find your product or services. You may use a technical term within your industry, but if your customers don’t, then it’s time to change your wording.

It pays to research before you start using hashtags, so try searching for your product or industry as if you were a customer and see what comes up.

For example, if I want to promote my blog on fitness, I would add #fitness to my post to make sure that anyone searching for fitness posts will see mine in their search results.

This can be daunting for some, but don’t fear. There are some great hashtag tools out there to help you find the right ones to use.

Tagboard searches multiple social media platforms and will show you the most popular content for your search term, but be careful. Adding popular but unrelated hashtags will get you nowhere so only use relevant ones.


  1. It’s all about the visuals!

2015 was hailed as the year of the visual and so far it has not disappointed.

Video, high quality imagery and decent graphics get shared more that text posts alone and it is easy to see why.   In a constantly updating newsfeed, small text posts sandwiched between bright, bold imagery are going to be easy to miss, so highlight your message with an eye catching image.

Video marketing can inject some life back into your campaign, make you look authentic and can be an amazing tool in generating audience awareness and interaction.

It makes your message appealing to a different demographic as well. Some people don’t want to read blocks of text, but prefer to watch a video instead.

The great thing about visuals is there are no limits to what you can produce either. Of course, you need to ensure that your company’s values and overall message are not compromised, but you can suddenly make a standard post really come to life by adding a video or an image to it.

It can also be a great way to add the human touch to your company, by having yourself and your staff appear in the videos. Whether it is an informative video about a new service or product, or even breaking down a blog post for a wider audience, you really can do anything with video.


  1. Keep an eye on the Stats!

Think of your social media accounts as patients in a hospital. You need to know how they’re doing in order to know what to give them in the future and the best way to do this is using statistics.

Posting blindly and hoping for the best is a sure fire way to get in to trouble.

Each platform has its own metrics; Facebook has Insights, Twitter has Analytics, and by keeping an eye on these you can make sure that what you are doing is working.

By looking at trends and dips in the data you can tweak your campaign as you go along to maximise performance and the great thing is, it is in real time!


Social Media is here to stay, whether you’re on board or not and you really do have to be in it to win it. Making sure that your campaign is in tip top shape can really make a difference in many areas of your business, from marketing to customer service and there is a niche for everyone, you just have to find it.


If you feel that your campaigns need nursing back to health, why not see what a social media package from Websmart Design can do to help get you back on your feet.

Call our team today on 01553 766760 or email vikki@websmartstudio.co.uk to discuss resuscitating your social media!