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“We had been dealing with another provider and although they did eventually finish our website, they had also promised on-going support and marketing.

However, after 9 months of the site being active we had received 1 website enquiry.

I was delighted when you suggested you could increase the traffic to our site, we then arranged a meeting and instructed you to proceed.

Since you have taken over control of our website we have seen a huge increase in the traffic coming to our site, which in turn has led to an increase in enquiries, the first of these enquiries in planned for completion on Tuesday 2nd April.

The service we receive is second to none and I look forward to us increasing our spend with you to generate even more traffic to our site in the coming months.

A massive thank you to you and your team from all of us at NM Finance, we now receive business from a source we had overlooked on the past and in turn I believe this will play an integral part in the growth we have planned in the coming years.

Thanks again and rest assured I will be recommending you to anyone who required any help or support getting their business working online!”

Max Mace

Director, NM Finance




” On behalf of Russen & Turner I would like to offer my thanks to Websmart Design who helped build our fantastic new web site. As a company that has very little knowledge on this subject we were delighted with the help and guidance we received during the whole process, (especially from Martin who was extremely patient with us and explained things to us in layman’s terms)”

Mark Lock

Managing Director, Russen Turner


“We have been associated with Websmart for five years and we were in fact their first customer! I was very impressed with Martin’s knowledge of the industry and happily agreed for him to build our website and manage our Search Engine Optimisation……….yes, I know, neither did I but it means getting the most out of your site and getting it as high as possible on a Google listing! And Websmart have done exactly that. They are a very professional company to work with and respond to your requests and questions promptly. I think it is testament to the fact  we rate them highly that they are still our web designers and have just completely re-designed our site. It looks great and we have had many compliments from existing customers and as importantly have attracted new customers to Accent Fresh. Win ,win!”


Jan Bradshaw

Sales and Marketing Director


” I know Martin from our networking group and had a meeting with him one day. Knowing I was meeting with him I had some thought as to whether a website would be something I would want or need for my business. I didn’t know much about how websites worked and was 50/50 whether it would be right for me. After speaking to martin about what he does and how it all works I was convinced without doubt that a web page was for me. Both Stuart and Martin were on top of it straight away and before I had left the office had written up exactly what was going on the web page linked it up with my facebook and had set about designing the artwork.

Within 3 weeks I had a call from someone who was very impressed with the website and would like me to come and give a quote for some work, from which I was able to recommend 4 other people to, I subsequently got the work and got back quadruple what the website cost to set up.

If you are like me considering doing something online then I would advise speaking to martin about your options, it has obviously been worth it for me and I would suggest it would be worth it for you”

Allan Bullman

Managing Director, ARB Plastering


“A couple of months back i had a frantic  client who was moving business premises and desperately needed some updates to her website to tie in with the move.

She had been receiving a second rate service from her web provider who had over charged her but mostly importantly were ignoring her requests to have her changes made.

With out hesitation i recommended websmart to her, who even though they had neither built the site nor hosted it, were more than helpful and completed her changes within 24hours of her request at a very reasonable price.

since then she has been so impressed that she has asked for her website to be redesigned and hosted by websmart and is also in the process of organizing an online shop to be built by websmart.

I’m really glad that i have found a web company that i can trust to be efficient and actually care about their clients, and i will always be recommending them to my clients”


Charlotte Michael

IDC, Jefford Centre


“Since Websmart Design took control of our websites they have increased our online sales 10 fold. They are a professional, courteous company who we would recommend to anybody who is looking for a good online presence”


Trevor Bland

Managing Director, Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd


Since Websmart Design redesigned our web pages – our online site has grown from a small online shop to a huge online emporium!!! We have happily worked with Websmart Design since December 2009.

Thank you for all your efforts, so glad we found you.

Julia Hawkins

Director, Springbridge


 ”I’m sure everybody in business has occasionally taken a job that you quickly regret accepting. This happened to me recently when I agreed to host a client’s website on one of my servers.
The transfer was easy enough, but technical differences between my server and the server that the website was written for, quickly began to show up. I spent several hours trying to get the site working myself, before finally coming to my senses and contacting Martin.

Martin was happy to own the task, and having provided access details for the server to him, I could finally forget about the problem with confidence. Martin fixed all of the problems (including some I was initially unaware of) with the minimum of fuss, and completely took away a stressful problem for me.
I am completely happy to recommend Martin’s services, and was recently very pleased to give Martin a referral for my second biggest client, safe in the knowledge that they will be very well looked after by Websm@rt!
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Websm@rt Design Studio to anyone for all their online needs.”

Richard May

Director, Interlgic


 I’d like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to Marty , Stuart and everyone Websmart  for the fantastic work they’ve done getting my website sorted out.
When I met Marty to discuss my options, I was having a very hard time with the original designers and hosts and my site was proving almost impossible to manage. Marty soon took over looking after everything on my behalf and he soon had the site back and working and discussing with me the options for the new site.

To say that I’m pleased is a bit of a understatement, not only do I have a cutting edge design , but something  I’m proud to call my own and which I can make adjustments and changes easily. The most important feature for me was the ability to display my work and manage a large number of images. This site has everything I wanted and more. Not only has Marty looked after my website but also set me up with a facebook  and Twitter account all of which link to my website.
I carn’t recommend Marty and the team highly enough and I’d say to anyone, if you want a website , look no further than Websmart.

Roger Griffiths

Roger Griffiths Photography



 I think Martin is a great member; he is always happy and approachable. I work a lot on Twitter and needed to update my Twitter background and Facebook header page. It is really important that you have these as they are part of your image; it’s like having a physical shop front but for me online

I gave Martin the concept of what I would like, asked to try and capture what I do and add my personality. The turnaround was excellent, price was good and the professionalism was exceptional. I am offering Websmarts’ twitter and facebook package to my clients and have no hesitation in doing so. I have received some great feedback from Facebook users.

Thank you Martin and I will refer with confidence!

Helen Smith

Helen Smith Virtual PA Solutions



 I have used Websmart as my website designers and host providers and I have found Martin, Stuart and Scott at the firm, very friendly and professional. I was made to feel at home and all of my questions were answered in a through and user friendly manner. The team are always on hand to answer my queries and emails to them  and are always answered promptly. The main thing I liked about working with Websmart was the use of plain English in explaining things to me. I am not a computer geek and I am not made to feel as if I am an idiot when dealing with Websmart.

I am very happy with the work carried out and I have no concerns in recommending Martin, Stuart and Scott for similar small business.

Glynn G Burrows

Norfolk Tours



 I have known Stuart for a numbers of years. He represents a very well respected firm. In my personal experience he practises in a through and professional manner.

Stuart has excellent customer relations. he is very personable and always ‘ go the extra mile ‘ when circumstances require.

For some years Websmart has given advice to my firm about our ‘ on-line ‘ internet presence.

In my experience, Stuart takes personal responsibility for the work he undertakes. He has a pride in his service and is friendly and approachable. He is available on his mobile telephone at any reasonable time and is always happy to discuss any issues relating to work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart and his firm’s services to friends, family, clients or our customers who are looking for looking for an excellent and friendly web design service in the future. I believe they would not be disappointed.

I would be happy to speak to any potential clients or customers who are contemplating using Stuarts services.

Larry Russen

Russen & Turner



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